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Next Generation 2018: All the numbers and projects of the fourth edition of the innovation’s review of Giffoni Innovation Hub (Demo) (Demo)

500 young innovators for the community of the Giffoni Innovation Hub Dream Team community (giffonihub.com) from Asia, Europe, Central America. 35 the protagonists innovators under 30 of the 4th edition of the Next Generation event with origins from Italy, Mexico and Sweden, who met 120 guests and mentors among managers, stakeholders and experts in innovation and communication.

Cariplo, on the model Giffoni the suburb of the North are reborn (Demo) (Demo)

Giffoni and Cariplo together, the virtuous South does as a model of inspiration for the little cities of the north, as the little suburbs of Lombardy for examples that are shaded by the attractiveness of the cosmopolitan Milan, forced to suffer depopulation and the escape of the youth’s, no matter the amazing landscapes, the great cultural heritage, the rooted refined productions.

NextGen 2018 –Photo gallery of Wednesday 25th and events of Thursday July 26th (Demo) (Demo)

“Different experiences, contaminating themselves, are able to enrich your dreams. This is School Factor”: this is how Luca Tesauro inaugurated the presentation of the very ambitious project, created by the creative agency Giffoni Innovation Hub during the School Factor Day. An important day not only for the Hub, but for the whole Giffoni world, capable to intertwine talents of training, institutions and young students of secondary schools in a project that will be spread in over 70 schools all over Italy.

Digital nomad Marcello Mari to the Dream Team: “Don’t be afraid, always bring yourselves to realize your dreams” (Demo) (Demo)

“We are offered many opportunities throughout our life, but sometimes we tend to be scared of becoming what we want to be. Don’t be afraid, always bring yourselves to realize your dreams”. This is what Giffoni Innovation Hub’s Dream Team talents were told by Marcello Mari, freelance journalist and digital and communication international expert.