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The Giffoni International Festival dedicated to children’s cinema
every year gathers young people from all over the world.
The Giffoni brand, an immense heritage

Giffoni Innovation Hub is a creative hub of innovation, to guide and encourage cultural and digital transformation in Italy and abroad.

Ours is an ecosystem that connects, supports and helps grow the best talents and startups in the field of creative and cultural industries. We implement products and services for companies through specialized training and audiovisual frameworks, and generate social impact actions that are measurable and quantifiable over time.

Creativity and Innovation!


years of experience

Creativity represents the highest expression of human intuition, a heritage of inestimable value on which Giffoni has founded its genesis and built its fifty-year history. Following intuition, we shape a story with the quality of our content. Only the right content generates a significant echo, attracts potential consumers and is able to leave a trace.

The GIH creative team consists of scriptwriters, directors, content managers, creators, teachers, CSR managers and Innovation managers.

What we do
Developed for our partner, with the aim of training young talents and creating valuable results for companies.
The language of cinema made available to companies to communicate their values and sustainability in an innovative way.
Open-Innovation for companies and startup programs working in the creative and cultural industries sector to generate a positive impact on the younger generations.
Impactful experiences to communicate, train and share. Moments of meeting and confrontation between companies and new generations

The brain pays more attention to the information conveyed by the narrative.

Innovation and creativity shared through the NARRATION declined on themes chosen by companies. Different types of NARRATION: video, audio, digital, interactive.

We train kids on creative and digital skills
We produce outputs on specific topics defined by the companies
We create a corporate storytelling for the new generations

Docufilms, Web Series, short films, films for schools and Production workshops.

The language of cinema to communicate in an innovative way the commitment and sustainability of companies to new generations.

Engagement with the younger generation on the issues to be addressed
Audiovisual is the language closest to youngs
Storytelling to share valuable, sensitive and impactful content

We support projects that generate a positive impact on future generations.

Our startups operate in the creative and cultural industries. Open Innovation in the field of Media &amp. Entertainment.

Boost your startup
Corporate open innovation
Venture building

We design and deliver unique experiences with tailor-made events and a focus on innovation, sustainability, culture and creativity.

We will also provide facilities for events and conventions in the Giffoni Multimedia Valley. A center destined to host and realize a part of the future of the never ending story of the Giffoni Film Festival. A complex of structures entirely dedicated to the world of youth creativity.

45,000 sqm available area
5 cinema rooms
3,000 indoor seats
2,000 outdoor seats
1,000 sqm of exhibition space

In a global environment subject to constant change, it is not conventional perspectives that offer solutions to the most complex challenges. Companies must be able to move opinions and behaviors. The goal is to stimulate any audience to think differently and act with urgency to chart a course that looks to the welfare of the community, nurtures growth and understands the needs dictated by progress.

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Iren Group – The Challenge
Co-founder & CRO
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CVO
Luca Ruju
General Manager
Alessandro Avagliano
CSR Manager
Nicola Sapio
Education Manager
Barbara Costabile
Project Manager
Lorenzo Sorrentino
Junior Analyst
profile-pic (15)
Alessandra Stauder
Communication Analyst
Maria Siniscalchi
Account & PR

In the Giffoni world learning is constant and the creative approach is stimulated by the desire to explore different scenarios with the ultimate aim of generating growth. A growth that is not only dedicated to profit but able to contribute to the well-being of people, professionals and society. Only with collective growth every change becomes a useful piece to improve the world.

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