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At Accenture’s Masterclass Impact, the business of the future begins with sustainability

Antonino Di Muro (Giffoni Innovation Hub): “Thanks to the young people of Next Generation there is a new economy”


As DreamTeam continues its work to meet the challenges posed by partners Bayer and BPER Banca, during today’s Masterclass Impact, the Italian Accenture Foundation offered a moment to discuss with 80 people under 26 the relationship between economic and social sustainability ,and environmental and business world.

The goal of meetings like this – explains Antonino Muro, Account Manager and co-Founder of Giffoni Innovation Hub – is to broaden the knowledge base of young people present in NEXT GENERATION, while at the same time providing a vision of the future of the economy to companies that, as we have seen over the years as the Giffoni Innovation Hub, are extremely interested in constructive debate with new generations’’.

The road of the big names in industry

The truthexplained in live streaming Angela Wei, Business Strategy Manager, Accenture Strategy Sustainability Servicesis that for companies, whether small or big, now sustainability is a need. Tit is obvious within the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda. The goals that provide for a double interplay of environmental protection, social inclusion and economic growth“. And the big names like Apple have also noticed it, which for some years now has been aiming at reducing emissions through the recovery and recycling of raw materials, also thanks to new technologies. Like the robots Daisy and Dave that can disassemble up to 200 iPhones per hour. Or even Nike who has made the promotion of an inclusive culture and equality of gender, race and social status its strength. “A strength that is often also demonstrated by the data – continued Wei – Keep in mind that the commercial with Colin Kaepernick, the Nike share price has risen by 5% online sales grew by about 31% in a single weekend“.

Innovative ideas and young people
“Young people are full of ideas and dreams – comments Simona Torre, Secretary General of the Accenture Italian Foundation – and companies now are aware of the importance of doing business in a sustainable way. But they need to deal with a young, fresh and naturally sustainability-oriented thinking. Thus “Youth in Action for Sustainable Development Goals” appears.

“It is one of the most important international structures – adds Angela Melodia, Head of Innovation and Development, Social and Cultural Regeneration of the Snam Foundation – This is why Youth in Action is an opportunity to be closer to young people and understand what they think, what will be important in near future and thus we will start designing a new type of economy”.

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