Di Maio to the Dream Team: “Giffoni as a model. Thanks to the Hub, significant progress in innovation”

The meeting with Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies Luigi Di Maio closed Giffoni Innovation Hub’s 2017 Next Generation. Di Maio appreciated the talents’ five projects and then said:“Giffoni is a governance model evolving over time. The Dream Team is making incredible progress in the field of innovation. What once was a film festival has become an international event drawing young people to cinema and fostering passions that are resulting into a process of innovation for Italy”.

Luigi Di Maio with Giffoni Innovation Hub’s founders

Di Maio went on focusing on the Giffoni model, saying that it can be emulated also by Institutions: “A mechanism that stems from passions can create useful tools and provide them to those who want to follow those passions. Such mechanism can also generate new jobs and market opportunities. This is exactly what the State should do today”- Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies said. “Giffoni’s governance model can be defined as a private experience -since it has not directly been established and developed by the State- acting as a proper State. And above all it is an idea of State to be spread over the next 15 years, when the innovative professional figures which Giffoni is already building will rule the Italian job market”.

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