Digital nomad Marcello Mari to the Dream Team: “Don’t be afraid, always bring yourselves to realize your dreams”

We are offered many opportunities throughout our life, but sometimes we tend to be scared of becoming what we want to be. Don’t be afraid, always bring yourselves to realize your dreams”. This is what Giffoni Innovation Hub’s Dream Team talents were told by Marcello Mari, freelance journalist and digital and communication international expert.

Marcello Mari incontra i giovani del DreamTeam

His lecture inaugurated day 7 of activities for the young creatives taking a major role in 2017 Next Generation. It was the occasion for Mari -who wrote for Wired, Che futuro and StartupItalia, studied in the US and spent six years working in London- to describe his unique approach to work -a “digital nomad” approach. He has no permanent office and sends his articles from everywhere in the world, his suitcase being permanently packed. “I consider it an advantage that I don’t have any office – Mari explained – I realized that when I worked for a marketing company in London. I couldn’t stay still for hours in my office just to impress my superiors. It was then that I understood that time is worth much more than any money we can earn from our jobs. Money comes and goes. Time never comes back”.

Mari answered young talents’ questions and unveiled the next scenarios of the digital and financial world, talking about technological singularity, bitcoin and blockchain technologies. He illustrated his visions, perspectives and pieces of advice to the Dream Team’s young talents, who were completely fascinated by the account of his career path. “Guys, you have to show audacity and seize the opportunities you are presented with even when you feel you’re not fully prepared” – he suggested. “Hard work is fundamental to become what we want to be”.

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