Dream Team’s adventure has started

Next Generation, the fest dedicated to the innovation of the creative agency Giffoni Innovation Hub, has officially started.

Once again, the event will be centred on the Dream Team’s young people, the community of young talents that has involved in three years 300 young boys and girls from five different countries.

The teamwork that will take part in this edition of Next Generation at the Antica Ramiera in Giffoni consists of 40 boys and girls -mostly students with the passion for innovation- who are ready to play their cards in order to develop marketable ideas for the creative and cultural industries’ market, working together with specialists from the field.

There are many Italians, among which a significant representation of young people from the surroundings of Giffoni, joined by talents from Mexico -as a sign of the partnership that started three years ago between Giffoni Innovation Hub and Monterrey Tec– and talents from Sweden, whose participation ties in with the synergy among Giffoni Innovation Hub, the startups accelerator The creative plot and Future by Lund of the University of Lund.

The Dream Team’s members have been welcomed by Luca Tesauro, ceo of Giffoni Innovation Hub, who -besides presenting the young innovators with the activities they will be involved in- has announced: “Giffoni Innovation Hub will further strengthen the partnerships with Mexico and Sweden. In September we will be in those countries again in order to consolidate the agreements and keep working on the path we outlined in the past”.

The welcome has been also held by Davide Neve, project manager of the ideas on which the Dream Team’s young people will work, and by Valentino Magliaro and Roberto Pontecorvo, two of the tutors who will support the young talents during these challenges-rich days characterized by a total immersion into the digital world.

Everything’s ready, then: Giffoni Innovation Hub’s adventure of 2017 Dream Team has already started.


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