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Elena Jachia (Cariplo Foundation):“Let’s leave space to grow to the Next Generation”

“Trying to see our future as a contribution to greater sustainability of our world: I think the transformative and generative imprint of the Next Generation can be very powerful. Our common task is to provide children with the space they need to grow and accompany them without undue interference”. says Elena Jachia, the Director of the Environment Department of the Cariplo Foundation, who during the 3rd day of the Next Generation exhibition organized by Giffoni Innovation Hub, a creative agency inspired and promoted by Giffoni Opportunity, connected to a live broadcast with the guys from the Dream Team to attend the presentation of videos created in the context of AttivAree, which was created thanks to the Oltrepò (Bio) Diverso Foundation and the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation.

What is AttivAree?

“The AttivAree program represents the Cariplo Foundation’s contribution to the renewal of the interior areas that are often considered to be marginal in the country’s economic, social and cultural life. In this program, we emphasized that the interior areas are rich in natural, architectural and human resources and that sometimes it is enough to turn on lights or floodlights, like Giffoni does, to see the true value of these areas”.

I suppose innovations can also play their role when it comes to restarting territory.

“Innovation is crucial at the scientific level, and for this reason, the Oltrepò (Bio) Diverso project has also created an innovation center to support farms. You can experiment with new crops or use more sustainable systems for growing your grapevine, for example , by sowing more grass between rows. But innovation is also very important at the cultural level: Giffoni’s innovation drive in the project was very strong, because it allowed us to find the right words to attract younger generation and inspire them for the territorial project”.

Are there any other similar projects in the near future?

“Of course, the fund has projects to restart territories after the crisis caused by Covid-19, under the motto of sustainability and innovation. There are no still concrete ideas of collaboration with Giffoni but we certainly do not exclude it. Both the Cariplo Foundation and Giffoni work in many territorial and social contexts to increase the skills and competences of people and organizations. In this period, for example, as an Environment Area we launched a call to support the digital transformation of private non-profit organizations which are active in the environmental field. The Foundation wants to play a role of enabler, supporting other social interlocutors in the development of new skills, not just digital. It seems to us to be the right way to bring up a new generation of conscious individuals and I think that Giffoni Innovation Hub is also on this wavelength”.

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