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Eni Joule, at Giffoni Next Generation in search of the energy of the future

Antonio Maglio, Head of Human Knowledge at Eni Joule, met the Dream Team members


Give energy to education: Eni’s Joule project returns to Next Generation during the Giffoni Impact addressed to the 18 talents under 30 of the Giffoni Dream Team, presented by Antonio Maglio, Head of Human Knowledge at Eni Joule .

It was an informal meeting between Maglio and the Dreamers, during which they talked about start-ups, innovation and the struggle against climate change, and especially about education. In a nutshell, they talked about Joule, Eni’s school for enterprise, which consists of two areas: Human Knowledge, which provides knowledge and tools to aspiring entrepreneurs; and Energizer Accelerator, which supports the transformation from idea to enterprise providing support in the form of resources and guidance in a cooperative and co-innovation perspective. A school that, to some extent, repeated its first year during the Impact. A year where dozens of start-ups from the world of energy, fashion, food, media and many others were analysed.

THE LABORATORIES – At Giffoni, Eni is also present at 360 degrees. With the Digital Labs, for example, created for children +6, +10 and +13, through which even the youngest children will be taught about various topics related to energy, environmental protection and sustainability. These are very important topics, which are addressed through the simple but effective language of games that arouses the curiosity of children. There are two workshops for children aged 7 to 12: “Energy from natureProduce and conserve“, to discover the importance of renewable energy sources; and “I repair, transform and create”, to discover through coding how energy can be transformed.

Two workshops for teenagers aged 13 to 15:Let’s turn on the creativity – Produce and conserve”, and “Challenge: Balanced resources – Repair and transform”, which starts with the concept of the waste recycling as a resource.

THE WORK OF THE DREAM TEAM – Sustainability and the environment are also discussed in the contest that Eni has launched for the Dream Team of the Giffoni Innovation Hub. On Saturday 31 July, the young members of the Eni team will present one of the projects (the other two are by Sammontana and Deloitte) of this Next Generation edition. A challenge taken up by the team of under-30s and presented to Antonio Maglio , who listened to a morning briefing on the Eni project.

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