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Giffoni Dream Team, the “Experience” of the talents under 30 of Giffoni Innovation Hub

Who are the protagonists of this 7th edition of Next Generation? Get to know them


At the halfway point of the 7th edition of Next Generation, 18 young people under 30 from the Giffoni Dream Team are beginning to realise the first strong emotions of the experience. Eleven days together, in close contact, divided into three teams working on Eni, Sammontana and Deloitte projects, they learn how to manage time, create content and take into account the advice of mentors and tutors who have guided them up to now.

But how are they living and what does this unique experience give the dreamers?

Lucrezia Bertini – 21 years old – Pisa

I decided to join the Dream Team because I like the idea that young people are in charge of finding solutions for the future. This experience really helps me to understand how to work with people. I have always preferred to work alone, to take responsibility for all the work that needs to be done. Here, however, I felt called to learn to listen to others, to understand how they work, especially young people who are so different from me. It is a unique experience that really gives me the opportunity to put into practice what I have studied and what Italian universities have never given me. I hope it will be an added value to both my personal journey and my work programme.

Elvira Leveque – 24 years old – Naples

I’m quite shy , I don’t really like being in the spotlight, while here ,at Giffoni, everyone has their own special moment of attention. It is also an opportunity to perform in front of a certain level of audience. In this regard, I have loosened up a lot. I realised that I was able to do this. The Dream Team is a goal-oriented and exciting experience. I look forward to feeling much more confident to meet the world of work in the best possible way after this experience.

Annachiara Binetti – 25 years old – Terlizzi 

I speak to a lot of experts in the fields that have always interested me. Giffoni is an environment that manages to combine the beauty and magic of cinema with the world of entrepreneurship and innovation in a unique way. There is always something new to learn every day. From the very first day, I appreciated the professionalism. From everyone, not just the teachers, but also my fellow students, each with their own personality. It will be a fundamental experience to achieve the two goals I set for myself: to work in television, to have my own programme and to teach children such important issues like sustainability, which we work on here at Giffoni.

Dominique Parlato – 28 years old – Sorrento

I am very competitive and I like challenges. When I got the chance to join the Giffoni Dream Team, I jumped at the chance. I should express my creative side at its best. Giffoni was exactly the right place to look for this change. I learn a lot from the meetings, during mentoring, which also helped us to give more energy to our projects. Meeting Jacopo Mele was very exciting. I was fascinated by the way he approaches everyday problems. I am a person who changes my mind often. Coming to Giffoni and working with the Hub, I think, will help me finally put myself on a well-defined path, enrich me and give me the right energy to change my life.


Marco Cucci – 20 years old – Meda (Monza) 

Having so much work to do with so many important partners in just 10 days gives you a lot of power. The big challenge during those days was figuring out how to choose, what to produce and what not to produce, using the time we had. Giffoni was a well-thought-out choice. I like to get in touch with other cultures, to have experiences in places different from my own. It is no coincidence that from September I will begin my journey at the Apple Academy in Naples, in a process that will be the opposite of the usual, and which will take me from north to south.

Aida Picone – 26 years old – Sciacca (Agrigento)

I have come to Giffoni as a juror for 5 years now, ever since the film “Into the Magic” came out. This year I have decided to test myself in another aspect of Giffoni, with a group like Dream Team, which I hoped would give me that special something that would allow me to leave this place knowing that I had put in another piece to create my identity. Italian universities are not used to working in this way, whereas here I discovered many aspects that I do not even know about. Collaboration, listening, learning to work with others rather than alone. Above all, trust in a group of people I have only known for a short time, but who I have learned to appreciate for their common passion for communication, cinema and much more. When you see real examples of people who have succeeded, achieved their goals, and recognise yourself in them, you begin to think that you can do it too, putting aside the fear that keeps telling you, “You don’t deserve this”.

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