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Giffoni Dream Team, the keyword is to get involved!

Who are the protagonists of this 7th edition of Next Generation? Get to know them


Young but determined, eager to compete with important economic and business figures. From Potenza, Perugia, Piemonte, it doesn’t matter. The important thing for them today is to get involved in the Eni, Sammontana and Deloitte teams. Let’s get to know them one by one in this little journey among the protagonists of this 7th edition of Next Generation.

Gaia Mauriello – 23 years old – the province of Caserta

I found out about Giffoni Innovation Hub from my association, Global Shapers. I wanted to join because I think it’s a great opportunity to be a part of it. The project aspect helps you to grow, which is my goal. To face challenges, find new stimuli, understand where I can go. Among the three proposed projects, I chose the one where I could get out of my comfort zone but where, surprisingly, I had more desire to do and that makes me very happy.

You can feel the Giffoni atmosphere from the very first day. As soon as we arrived, our project managers told us to be productive but not to forget to have fun, to feel free. To be free, which doesn’t mean being superficial.

Gaia Migliaccio – 22 years old – Potenza

I’ve attended the Giffoni world since I was a child. This is the first year when I decided to explore what the Giffoni Innovation Hub Dream Team is and test everything I have studied over the years. In fact, thanks to the Festival, some years ago I chose to study cinema and new media. Not only from a cultural point of view but also from a personal one, analysing aspects that go beyond the art itself. I think the entrepreneurial aspect of the sector is also fundamental and I think this is the right place to learn.

On the first day, I had very strong emotions about being able to put into practice what I had studied at the festival, which helped me to understand many years ago what I wanted to study. My memories of the festival are always related to the energy that this place gives off. Every year, despite Covid, I’ve had the same feeling, with guys I’ve only known for two days.

Fabio Fontana – 22 years old – Turin

Cinema is my passion. I run a film forum in Settimo Torinese, my hometown. We’ve been showing some films we’ve loved since 2019, and from time to time, besides many debates, we also like to shoot something. We have also participated in festivals and were proud to win one of them, the Civitavecchia Film Festival.

Giffoni has a very motivating environment, with different ideas and experiences. When I put the T-shirt on, I thought that finally the adventure started. Happiness, joy, but also the thought that it would be an important challenge with big names like Eni, the team I belong to.

I have played rugby for 12 years. Through the sport I have learnt about the importance of the team and today, here at Giffoni, I am rediscovering the same value. The team is very important. In rugby, 15 people face 15 others, each one has a different role, played according to their personal characteristics. Everyone defends, everyone attacks. Here at Giffoni, it’s the same with the Hub. Everyone has a clearly defined role, but you play and win as a group, together with the team.

Giulio D’Andrea – 26 years old – Perugia

I studied economics and international management. I’m here because I consider myself as a creative person and I’m here with the Giffoni Dream Team because I wanted to work with important brands like Sammontana, Deloitte and Eni and make creative products for them.

For me, digital technology is fundamental. Suffice it to say that I decided to apply for the Giffoni Dream Team programme after finding an advertisement about it on the Internet.

If I had to talk about my experience at Giffoni, I would certainly start with the stories of children of different ages. Comparing the younger ones to the older ones. I think of my 11-year-old niece who told about her experience here in Giffoni, on the jury, a few days ago. She was very sad that she couldn’t come this year but it made me understand how important this festival is for the younger generation that we have something to say on a creative level. The same, I think, can also be said about us at the Giffoni Innovation Hub.

Viktoriya Stadnyk – 24 years old – Naples

I have just graduated from the University of Federico II with a degree in Digital Marketing, even if by specialisation I am a molecular biologist. I chose Giffoni because it allows me to add a strong background in communication, which also gives me the opportunity to change a career direction.

From the very first days, when I read the initial briefs, I knew that it would be a great experience, with great networking. Unique exchanges that only Giffoni Innovation Hub allows. Till recently, I have thought that such realities as Eni, Deloitte or Sammontana were very far away from me. But coming here to Giffoni, I realised the following: if you are an enterprising and determined person, and with the help of the Hub, this distance is easy to overcome. Talking to the various press and marketing managers and analysing, in detail, the structures of companies that are very relevant in today’s market and making a comparison with the small companies, for example, with which I had been dealing until yesterday, it was the most interesting thing.

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