Giffoni Hub becomes a member of the European Commission’s Digital Skills And Jobs Coalition

By 2020, more than two thousand students will join Giffoni’s activities and workshops against digital illiteracy.  This initiative is part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe

Millennials and digital literacy.  Giffoni Innovation Hub joins the international coalition promoted by the European Commission to extend the essential skills to live in increasingly digitized societies and economies to more and more EU citizens .

The creative agency, inspired and promoted by Giffoni Experience –  one of the most well-known children’s film festivals in the world – is officially among the 200 members of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative included among the 10 concrete steps of the New Skills Agenda for EuropeGiffoni Innovation Hub also joins the “pledgers” network that unites organizations, government agencies, and companies that will promote an effective actions list to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe over the next three years.

By 2020,” says Luca Tesauro, CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub, “we will engage more than 600 university students, aged between 18 and 28, in digital training sessions to increase job opportunities, especially in ICT, generating 756,000 professionals in Europe over the next three years. Positions that, according to the EU, we may not be able to cover, considering the lack of adequate skills. In Europe,” Tesauro continues, youth unemployment is now at almost 20%. And more than a third of the labour force and around 45% of citizens are digital illiterate. This is a scenario in which tangible actions are needed to avoid losing the endless opportunities created by new digital businesses.” With a focus on equal opportunities: “We expect to increase female participation to Giffoni Innovation Hub’s activities, which in 2016 reached a 47%.” As a “pledger,” Giffoni Innovation Hub is committed to implementing initiatives with universities, associations, startups, and government agencies by 2020. “We will organize,” announces Tesauro,  “twelve training workshops for a total involvement of 120 teachers and 1800 primary and secondary school students in Italy to increase competences on a variety of topics, including: coding for kids, video game labs, start-up and artificial intelligence business.” 

Giffoni Experience director, Claudio Gubitosi, pleased with the success, congratulates Giffoni Innovation Hub’s team: “The intuition to undertake the road towards innovation in GiffoniExperience is becoming increasingly strategic and open to all the European guidelines for young people. In just three years, unimaginable goals will be achieved.” 

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