Giffoni Innovation Hub and the Apple Academy together for innovation talents

The future of Campania will rely on the synergy between two Campanian excellences in the field of professional training and innovation: Giffoni Innovation Hub and the iOS Developer Apple Academy of Naples. The agreement was announced today at the Antica Ramiera during the 2017 Next Generation Round Table dedicated to innovation clusters and creativity in Campania.

Giorgio Ventre

The aim underlying the partnership is to support young innovators and start-uppers during the whole process of realization of a creative project, from the conception to the launch on the market, with special reference to creative industries and millennials.

The collaboration between Giffoni Innovation Hub and the Apple Developer Academy will start over the coming months. Luca Tesauro, CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub, explained: “The Dream Team – the Hub’s community of innovators – will take an active part in this initiative, welcoming the young people sent by the Neapolitan Academy in Giffoni. Together with other talents coming from all over the world, the Academy students will work on the realization of projects related to the festival’s target and planned to become start-ups and products intended for new generation-addressed markets”.

Something similar has already happened this year. Indeed, one of the members of the 2017 Dream Team is Sebastiano Santarpia, former student at the Apple Academy who is now working on Next Generation’s e-commerce project. The project is based on the creation of an online store where it will be possible to buy Giffoni-branded products for young people, designed by the Dream Team’s young creatives.

Giorgio Ventre, Scientific Director of the iOS Developer Academy at the University of Naples “Federico II”, commented: “The most natural thing would be to start working together immediately. I can see an incredible convergence between such two great examples of excellence. The Apple Academy will train every year 400 young boys and girls, who will be called to find sectors in which innovative apps and digital services can be developed. Creative industries, multimedia, new cinema and television on the internet are fields that offer creativity and business opportunities. Our idea is to ensure that the young people of the Academy can grow professionally and learn from Giffoni, studying in detail the functioning of such an important industry, taking an active part in its events and developing apps”.

Valeria Fascione

Ventre attended the Round Table together with Sebastian Caputo, co-founder & project Manager of 012factory, Gennaro Crescenzo, supervisor for Southern Italy at Banca Sella, Giuseppe Melara, general director of Formamentis, Pierantonio Macola, president of Smau, Federica Tortora, innovation specialist at Intesa San Paolo, Diletta Capissi, journalist, and Valeria Fascione, Campania Region assessor for Startups, innovation and internationalization, who said: “Giffoni has the ability to grasp technological evolution and the potential to become a strategic centre connected to other Campanian and international Hubs, which are extremely important for our economy”.

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