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Jacopo Mele: “The task of a mentor is to reduce the gap between talent and opportunity”

The 28-year-old, named as one of the best under-30 talents in Europe by Forbes, met the Giffoni Dream Team members


What is talent? Is it acquired? Is it a natural gift? And how does it come into contact with the opportunity? Question by question, some of which were addressed to the young people of the Giffoni Dream Team, while others were asked by the protagonist of the mentorship on Saturday 24 July. He is Jacopo Mele, a Digital Life Coach and a Co-Founder of Aurora Fellows, a non-profit organisation which was created as a part of a European project for girls and boys under 20, at the head of a great network of associations and foundations which aim is to develop talents.

Jacopo Mele spoke to the 18 members of the Dream Team under the age of 30 about his many life situations and his experiences at Giffoni. The 28-year-old, who was included in Forbes magazine’s list of Europe’s top talents under 30, says: “I have been working with Luca Tesauro for many years, and every year when I come here I am pleased to notice that The Giffoni Innovation Hub’s bar of projects and goals is higher and higher. So my objective today is to help new dreamers raise the bar even higher and reduce the gap between talent and opportunity. Experience is often the key. The moment you learn different ones, you realise that maybe you have completed your current journey and are ready to start another one. That’s how I went from being a business consultant to becoming a Digital Life Coach”.

We say: talent. But what is talent? A mentor on this fourth day of the Next Generation tries to explain this to young people with a joke: “Think about Valentino Rossi – he says – what kind of talent does he have? Do you think it’s his ability to ride a motorbike? No. He learned that talent. He might as well have learned to drive a car or steer a ship. His talent, in my opinion, is his ability to overcome his own limits to a thousandth of a second before crashing his motorbike. Before he meets his death. There are riders who stop 20, 10, 5 seconds before that limit. He does it one thousandth of a second before. That’s why he’s won so much. It’s his talent”.

And finally, recognising talents and giving them the right opportunities. “Throughout the life a person has a series of positive events and a series of negative events – concludes Jacopo – positive events make you better, negative events leave you where you are. There is the difference between recognising talent and opportunity: the gap between them. The goal of Aurora Fellows is to reduce the gap between talent and opportunity by creating as many positive events as possible for young people under the age of 25“.

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