JustKnock to the Dream Team: Here we imagine the future

Day 3 of work for the young members of Giffoni Innovation Hub’s Dream Team. Next Generation’s workshop scheduled for today focused on JustKnock, the digital platform that gives the chance to find a job by directly submitting an idea rather than the classical cv. The lesson to the Dream Team’s young creatives was held by Alice Giacomelli and Isabella Kuster, respectively Pr & Event Manager and Partner & Business Development at JustKnock. Dream Team’s members were thus given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the reality of startups. After describing the platform’s functioning, figures and goals with the support of slides and videos, Giacomelli and Kuster answered the many questions asked by Giffoni Innovation Hub’s community of young innovators, giving them advice on how to keep working on their projects.

The teamwork was also joined by the young boys and girls selected through the call for videomakers resulted from the partnership between Giffoni Innovation Hub and JustKnock. The ones recruited briefly described the ideas thanks to which they managed to join 2017 Dream Team, which consists of talents from Italy, Mexico and Sweden. “We were very excited to collaborate with Giffoni Innovation Hub – said Isabella Kuster – and we posted a challenge on our online platform asking young people to submit ideas and audiovisual contents with the aim of illustrating film culture to today’s youth. It has been an amazing opportunity which allowed us to gather in Giffoni young people with different profiles”. “It’s very interesting to be here – adds Alice Giacomelli – as innovation is really in the air. During the workshop, Dream Team’s young people have been very active. It’s really stimulating for me to see how different cultures collaborate in a common project that is able to look ahead and imagine things which may happen in the future”.

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