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Loris Savino to young participants of the Masterclass Impact: “Our generation should be able to reinvent itself. Giffoni is a perfect place for confrontation”

The winner of the Accenture Foundation “Youth in Action, for Sustainable Development Goals “in the “Youthgfor Action” category shared his experience of working with the Lavazza Foundation in Colombia.


Loris Savino , a 23-year-old from Bari, Puglia, who, however, together with two his friends and colleaques won the Lavazza Prize in the “Youth in Action, for Sustainable Developments Goals” program run by Italian Accenture Foundation,Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation and Allianz HUMANALLY Foundation take aim at young people under 30. What did Loris and his teammates do to win? They developed a system that is able to purify wastewater from agri-food waste, and which is based on the reuse of technological waste generated in the coffee industry. Loris talked about a solution to a recent problem during his first visit to the Impact workshop organized by Italian Accenture Foundation as a part of the Next Generation exhibition, created by Giffoni Innovation Hub and promoted by Giffoni Opportunity.


Hi ,Loris, could you tell us about your project and who is in the winning team?

In other words, we suggested the hypothesis about a chemical method to purify the volumes of water generated during the coffee refining in order to reuse them. The team consists of 3 people, 3 friends with different skills, but compatible with each other, who after much reflection and study of the problem decided to take part in it.
A chemist – Stefano Savino, 25 years old, Daniele Tenerelli – an agronomist, 25 years old, and I, 23 years old, as a biotechnologist Each of us has focused on different aspects of industrial production, on what to extract from coffee fruit in order to use this technology and all the processes, especially chemical ones, to make a solution.

Your idea is a symbol of how innovation fits into the world of tradition. How do you manage to think outside the box?

Mere curiosity was the key to the motivation. On average we all drink a cup of coffee a day. But we wondered what was behind that cup. What challenges are after the process, from cherry coffee to a cup served in the afternoon or at the bar. Maybe no one thought about it before, and after thinking it over, we decided that we would try. We got involved.

What happened after the call was won?

Together with Lavazza, we went to Colombia to follow all the projects of the foundation in this country. The opportunity to hear the stories of those who hand-harvest individual coffee beans was truly inspiring. A unique experience. Back in Italy, we could not forget this experience. A lot remains with you forever. We have become more sensitive to the problem. We decided seriously to try to fix it.

Today you are a member of Giffoni Innovation Hub festival. In your opinion, what do innovation and culture have in common?

Everything always starts with culture, with ideas. The ability to involve as many people as possible can only start with culture. Giffoni is a great example of this. From meeting new people, new ideas to the desire to present them. The fact that young people are vying with each other here at Giffoni is an additional incentive. These are the problems that our generation will have to solve and will have to face. Here’s what we need.

What you have done is a bit like what the guys from the Dream Team were going to do. Is it possible to approach problems from a different point of view, thanks to innovations and new technologies, and be a peculiarity of the present and future generations?

Perhaps we are a generation that has inevitably learned not to take anything for granted, and we will have to conquer everything. Participation is the key. In my opinion, however, I believe that we are very strong in rethinking ourselves, in the search for new ideas, solutions to new problems, as well as old problems. This is where it all starts.

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