Luca Tesauro, CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub: “The young who want to believe in Italy should receive a call to arts”

Italy has the potential to reduce the digital and innovation gaps  with other countries. Luca Tesauro, CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub, a creative agency dedicated to technology and innovation, thinks that a “call to arts” for young people could serve this purpose. Tesauro believes that what ex Italian prime minister Romano Prodi said at the Eastwest Forum in Naples few days ago (“Europe has been excluded from the second globalization of Internet because we didn’t act together and now we risk being out of the game”) was just a provocation. He also explains: “I think that Prodi’s words are an invitation to young people not to leave, to believe in this country and build excellence through our expertise and technology”. According to Giffoni Innovation Hub’s number one, the best of Italy lies in food, fashion, design and creative industry, “in which we are inimitable. Our country is making a better use of European funds, too”, even though “competing with the 50 billion euro Macron wants to allocate to innovation in France is not easy”.

Luca Tesauro, Founder e Ceo Giffoni Innovation Hub

The initiatives of Innovation Hub’s current edition include events dealing with strategies to educate kids and young people in artificial intelligence, focuses on the new frontiers of the content industry to support and launch start-ups and young people’s ideas, and above all the collection and the analysis of Big Data revealing digital natives’ actualities. Other events are dedicated to virtual reality, animation and videogames, with the aim of starting an Academy and organizing workshops for the development of the Dream Team under-30 talent community’s projects, intended for the creative and cultural industries market. Therefore, Giffoni Innovation Hub aims at providing young people with an all-round education on the new frontiers of innovation, its mission following the line laid down by the newly inaugurated Giffoni’s Multimedia Valley. “Giffoni’s international relations need to be broadened – Tesauro believes -. We have to attract foreign capital -Chinese, Arabian or North European- because such bridges allow public and private economic resources to generate additional income”. He underlines that “living in Italy could really be an advantage if tax benefits are guaranteed -in fact, benefits for culture are actually granted by ministries and the Campania Region. We have delicious food, an excellent quality of life and a lower cost of living than cities like London or Paris. What counts is to live in a place -even a marginal one- that is connected to the rest of the world”.

In the meantime, thoughts at the Hub are already set on 2018 edition. “We will work in the field of videogames and platforms for international events. And there is more. We are also developing new ways of using technology to study young people’s tastes and trends through communication and marketing analyses, with the purpose of attracting private investors and making them coexist with the public ones”.

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