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Next Generation presents arTutorial, a startup that has produced a revolution of art tutorials

Postiglione: “They range from teaching how to draw a hand using a thousand different styles to the most useful software courses”

Learn art and post it online. Just in the form of a tutorial. Distance learning, especially when it comes to specific skills, is probably the trend of 2020, and so Alfredo Postiglione and Alessio Smaldone of arTutorial have developed a new way to bring creative professionals together with amateurs as well as people who want to learn more. The idea that a new startup team brought to the sixth edition of Next Generation. “Our idea,” explains Postiglione, the CEO of arTutorial, “is to combine the needs of users and educators with regards to tutorials and online courses on topics that explore the world of 2D and 3D art. The real problem is that many of these courses are either substandard or paid, and often very expensive. But what is more, you need to buy them with no guarantees at all. In addition, some courses are taught by certified professors or experts”.

Certified experts who often don’t want to upload their study guides online. “Professionals who are able to hold quality lessons have a number of obstacles. First, there is a low economic return on the main platforms where you can make money from advertising or little else”.

“The idea of arTutorial is nice – explains Luca Tesauro, the CEO and co-Founder of Giffoni Innovation Hub – and interesting as it studies new frontiers of learning and creativity. Key topics to represent the future. The future in which digital skills, interpersonal skills and innovation go hand in hand with culture. Culture available to everyone thanks to new technologies”.

“New technologies,” says Postiglione, “ rule the roost. As I have mentioned, the goal is to make tutorials accessible and at the same time allow artists and professionals to earn money. In short? The idea is to ensure a fair value for money that meets the needs of both users and educators. ”And the means to do this were identified through crowdfunding.

“The first video of each course,” Postiglione says, “will be free to introduce users to the instructor to see how he explains the topics. In short, to help them understand if it suits them. Starting with the second video, crowdfunding will be active to unblock the content gradually so that stakeholders can contribute their own financial resources, while the professional does not have to sell of their own product. ” Products are expected to be very different. “It will range from drawing a simple hand, perhaps in many different styles, to using software suitable for content creation, and so on,- concludes the startupper and artist- . All this will be done in a kind of mini-academy of art, where, in addition to the quality of individual courses, you will also find the convenience to follow them easily from home”.

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