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One day as a Giffoner for Conai chairman Luca Ruini

From the Impact to the meeting with the Giffoni Dream Team to talk about sustainability and circular economy

What is the secret of success and sustainability? Asking lots of questions and interdisciplinary knowledge. Luca Ruini, President of Conai, the National Packaging Consortium, spent a day as a Giffoner confronting the youngsters both at the Giffoni Impact and in the co-working space of the Giffoni Innovation Hub where he listened to the projects of the Giffoni Dream Team in an unplanned mentorship. “Ask questions. Even to those who asked you a question. Because sometimes the answer that seems the most obvious is not the right one. And then analyse the information” advised Ruini to the Dreamers talking about the difficulties they have faced during the first days of working at Giffoni Next Generation.

Knowledge is essential” he said during the Impact, in the Blue Room – In recent years, it was thought that the internet made it easier to get information. The pandemic has shown us that it is not so. Knowledge seems to be more democratic, but in fact , the health crisis has confirmed that the ability to analyse and even choose information is essential”.
And these are the skills that can play a crucial role when it comes to so-called ‘new jobs’. Transversal skills under the sign of an interdisciplinary approach, which describes well the philosophy of sustainable development and the circular economy. Ruini said: “These issues are more important today perhaps than ever, which is why we asked the Giffoni Innovation Hub team to conduct a survey to understand better young people’s perceptions about the world of recycling”.

Talking more about the Giffoni Innovation Hub, Ruini also announced the Academy, which involves the selection of 20 young people aged between 16 and 26 to take part in a series of film workshops, including lectures and workshops on making microfilms on the topics of circular economy and ecological transition. The Film Festival 2022 goal is to show the various Instant Movies in theatres, which will be voted on later.

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