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Pasquale Frega from Novartis: “Technology is an instrument to provide more quickly medical treatment of patients”

First Giffoni Impact lesson for the Giffoni Dream Team: a failure today can be a success tomorrow


Cinema as a tool to raise health and innovation awareness in research, as a response to the fear that the pandemic has brought . This is where the Giffoni Impact Innovation Talk, part of the Giffoni Next Generation programme, began. Novartis President Pasquale Frega, actor Brenno Placido and Francesco Butti, Head of Novartis’ Local Clinical Operation, spoke on stage at the Multimedia Valley’s Blue Room, in the presence of the young people from the Dream Team of the Giffoni Innovation Hub.

We started with a video of Reimagine, a short film made by Novartis to shed light on the role and importance of pharmaceutical research and innovation, to show the importance of research in an ’emotional’ way. The short film tells the story of a young researcher who experienced the loss of his mother when he was a child and who is trying to reimagine the world of medicine by rewriting people’s history. “The task of cinema is to bring to the public the problems that the pandemic has brought into the homes of all Italians,” said Frega, “Today, technology can be considered as another instrument to provide more quickly medical treatment of patients. In a world that is moving forward, it is the experiences that make the difference, and somehow show us our vocation. Communication with each other has a fundamental importance for research and innovation”.

However, telling what’s going on behind the scenes is not always easy. To innovate, you have to be able to understand different aspects,” explained Butti. “To develop new solutions, you have to listen to more voices. Today, innovation means ensuring environmental sustainability. Research is never a waste of time because even if you fail, you learn something new that can be left to those who want to try again later”.

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