Pellegrini on Dream Team’s young talents: “In Giffoni I found great energy and hard-to-find clever ideas”

Business and business ideas are showing an increasing need for audiovisual storytelling techniques applied to business models and social media. The workshop “Video kills the radio star”– scheduled for Wednesday 19th July- was precisely centred on this topic as well as on the meticulous analysis of Dream Team talents’ pitches. It was held by Davide Pellegrini, Director of Lateral Training and digital market expert, who helped the dreamers’ identify their strengths and weaknesses.

All the ideas were amazing – Pellegrini said. I’d like to stress that because, since I am into managerial training and I am acquainted with the world of companies, I am well aware of the difficulties of meeting clever ideas. I think that Dream Team’s young people are really eager to put themselves on the line. They’re bearers of novelty and full of energy. My experience here has been very satisfying”.

Workshop “Video kills the Radio star” with Davide Pellegrini

His advice is to look for the most fitting ways to tell stories through videos that are able to attract the interest of a world which is more and more oriented towards the immediacy of social media. Indeed, Lateral Training Director said: “Assuming that we’re heading towards an increasingly visual society- just think of the transformation of social networks and social media into channels which are strictly related to the audiovisual industry (see Youtube) – we decided to work on the implementation of audiovisual-related languages, namely image-made stories to be used in projects and platforms of innovative start-ups”.

The dreamers’ were provided with a definite study methodology and then called upon to present their own projects. “We took stock of the current situation of the in-progress ideas – explained Pellegrini -. We then analyzed the evolution of digital languages applied to audiovisual materials and worked on a more storytelling-related presentation. Once we collected all the pieces of information the Dream Team’s members had already produced, we arranged them in a presentation which flowed like a proper narrative”.

Dream Team’s lecturer then gave his opinion on Giffoni’s young people and the atmosphere he experienced: “I found clever ideas, I saw that young people are well aware of current times” – he concluded. – They made an excellent impression on me, and gave me good reasons to hope for the development of ideas into proper operating platforms”.

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