Tuesday 18th photogallery and Wednesday 19th events

Tuesday 18th July recap

Robotics and big data will be the focus of the collaboration between Giffoni Innovation Hub and Fondazione Mondo Digitale, which was announced during the Round Table “Educate the Artificial Intelligence”. Mirta Michilli, General Director of Fondazione Mondo Digitale, explained in what it will consist: “On the occasion of 2018 Giffoni Experience we will work on artificial intelligence applied to education and media arts in order to foster young people’s creativity and artistic expressivity”.  In the afternoon, Dream Team’s young people met Roberto Esposito, Co-founder and Strategist of Giffoni Innovation Hub and Founder of DeRev, the first Italian crowfunding platform.

Here’s a photographic recap of Tuesday 18th July

Programme for Wednesday 19th July

A busy day for Dream Team’s young members, who will be involved from 10 am to 6 pm in the workshop “Video kills the Radio Star” held by Davide Pellegrini, founder of Lateral Training and Digital Marketing Expert.

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