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Priante to the dreamers: “Carry on despite the chaos, because our creativity comes from the chaos”

The Director of the UNWTO European Regional Commission, the United Nations Tourism Agency, called on the young people of the Dream Team to remain persistent despite the difficulties

Highly respected curriculum, international experience, daily contact with prominent people, institutions, cultures located thousands of miles away. However, when Alessandra Priante meets the young people from the Masterclass Impact and the dreamers from the Giffoni Innovation Hub’s Dream Team, there’s no need for her to go on maintaining the formalities that a high position often imposes and she gets drawn into the reality of Giffoni, surrounded by the intense curiosity of the guys. “My advice to you is to embrace the chaos that is within you,” says Priante. – When you are confused, when you do not know what to do, chaos is good. Because we draw our creativity from chaos. If you are determined to do something, do it. But never be inflexible. Feel free to think freely, move on, or start over. Do what you want. The same power that Giffoni gives you, even during this difficult period, use it in all other aspects of your life. A sense of belonging, determination, the realization that something can be done here to change the future”.

And about the future and innovation, Priante spoke in detail with the guys from the Dream Team, with whom she spent enough time in the Giffoni Innovation Hub coworking space, listening to their projects and aspirations that go far beyond visiting the institution. “Innovation is already changing the way tourism is run,” Priante told them. – Think how easily we can travel around the world thanks to the previous innovations.. Giffoni is definitely a perfect place to start. Today I have risked not arriving on time because the train was late. The main reason for my arrival was my great desire to be present here. Because when you change the world, you cannot put it off. And we will change it by launching from here, thanks to Director Gubitosi and Luca Tesauro of the Giffoni Innovation Hub, a great project in the near future”.

It was great listening to Priante, ”comments Luca Tesauro, a CEO and Co-Founder of the Giffoni Innovation Hub. – She has the enthusiasm of a very young Giffoner who totally joined the group of The Master class and the Dream Teams, sharing with them her life and professional experience, from a passion for art, music, cinema, to economics, finance, sustainable development and tourism. After telling her story a little, she managed to immediately get close to the guys and somehow give them the necessary energy to strive high, as she always does. However as with anyone who thinks in an open way about the future suitable for innovation. Also in the field of tourism ”.

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