Roberti to the Dream Team: “The State should use technologies to tackle criminality”

«Technology in itself only has advantages. The problem is that it can be also used by organized crime. This is why the State and institutions must intervene in order to tackle criminal organizations». These were the words used by National Anti-mafia Prosecutor Franco Roberti to describe the relationship between criminality and innovation during his meeting with Masterclass and Dream Team’s young people. Accompanied by Corrado Lembo, Chief Prosecutor of Salerno, Roberti was very amenable to the 40 young innovators of Next Generation and underlined the central role of the State, which must not be caught off guard. «Tackling criminality through the use of technology is a natural calling for National Anti-mafia and Anti-terrorism Directorate – adds Roberti – We do this by vocation, but I think that everyone should be aware of all the advantages technology can offer and make the most of them».

Roberti then answered the dreamers’ questions: «The relationship among entrepreneurs, politicians and criminals? Current technologies make things easier today – said National Anti-mafia Prosecutor – but the real problem is that today it is entrepreneurs and politicians who turn to criminals, not vice versa. There’s an ongoing process of replacement of authority: indeed, the supremacy of the State is being often replaced by the supremacy of Mafia bosses, who can now be reached more easily  than before». Roberti eventually talked about terrorism: «The fight against terrorism -he concluded- is carried out above all through the acquisition of information that can prevent the occurrence of risk situations».

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