We widen the knowledge about the environment and the use of technologies

We involve students and teachers of primary and secondary schools in training workshops, both gaming and not, on the issues of environmental responsibility and digital awareness.

School is the place of choice for activating information and training projects to increase life awareness and skills.

Educating about the environment, the responsible use of technologies and the responsible use of the Internet is one of our key objectives, in accordance with MIUR and European Unity directives.

Students and Teachers

Lots of educational formats for students and teachers of primary and secondary schools to spread the environmental, digital and entrepreneurial culture.

New Skills Agenda

We are among 200 members of the Digital Skills and Job Coalition of European Commission, whose aim is to reduce the digital gap in Europe.

Educational format

We offer various educational formats including Educating for the Environment, Digital Days (Coding For Kids, Videogames, Making, Music Labs and many others).

Activities and Projects

We offer various activities including Surveys, Contests, Audiovisual products, Masterclasses, Workshops and Calls for Ideas

Common goals

Educating students and teachers is one of our key objectives, in accordance with the Italian Ministry of Education and European Unity directives.

Mode and Location

The formats can be created in multimedia classrooms of schools or in public / private facilities identified for the occasion.


A special format created by the Giffoni Education Team to involve first grade students in game training workshops on the theme of environmental sustainability..

The project provides for the creation of audiovisual spots on environmental issues, which groups of young students will create after participation in training workshops on the issue and basic techniques of cinematographic language.

The format provides for the realization of 8-day activities, from Monday to Thursday for two weeks, with workshops lasting not more than 3 hours.
The training sessions include game didactics and filming workshops for the realization of interviews with students for the commercial.
During the final event all children will present their projects in front of families, representatives of local institutions and schools.


Digital Days is an educational format aimed at students and teachers of primary and secondary schools to spread the digital and entrepreneurial culture through Giffoni experience.

Participating students will be involved in workshops, debates, thematic lessons, recreational and educational activities held by prestigious mentors and experts in the sector.

Giffoni Hub intends to meet a challenge thrown down in the field of innovation and digitalization, with the aim of raising new generation awareness of potential and opportunities of digital technologies, the Internet and programming.

Coding, making, robotics, digital storytelling, videogames and interactivity are a palette of expressiveness of the third millennium: understanding these languages today is an essential element for the educational growth and professional future of young people.

Easily customisable according to the needs, the project can be implemented in multimedia classrooms of schools or in public / private facilities identified for the occasion.

Coding for kids
Games and experiments are to stimulate creativity, reasoning and collaboration
Theoretical and practical lessons on digital craftsmanship as a new frontier of Italian manufacturing
Innovation talk
Masterclass with protagonists of Italian and global innovation and of the new economy.
Artificial Intelligence
Workshops with industry experts to explore the new technological frontiers of AI
App development
Educational abstract to provide students with the methodologies for developing web apps and software
To provide advanced knowledge and skills for the creation of innovative business and digital startups.
Digital music labs
Workshops to introduce children to the study of electronic music as a form of expression.
Workshops and laboratories dedicated to video games, new games and the conscious use of technology.


The activities for this age group will be carried out by leading mentors in the field of teaching Coding and basic programming for children. All this by implementing simple and direct teaching thanks to the use of Scratch and other programming software.

Teaching coding means approaching computational thinking, thinking that works by algorithms. Thus, students are led to find a solution to problems and develop it by applying logic and, above all, creativity.

Digital natives through coding learn how the rules of the programs that operate on PCs, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices work.

TARGET: Primary and secondary schools (7-10 years of age)

TARGET: Primary and secondary schools (8-10 / 11-13 years of age)


The program designed for primary and secondary schools, includes a series of laboratory workshops dedicated to the world of video games and new media for mobile devices, with ideas and reflections on the importance of technologies in the life of younger generations. A practical laboratory is a place where children will be explained the “behind the scenes” of the world of video games.

During the workshops students will be involved in writing and drafting of a subject of videogames. At the end of the event, the various design ideas will be presented and analyzed by mentors and industry experts.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with the best Italian video game developers.


Activities dedicated to FabLabs, are a sort of hybrid between a workshop, a research / development laboratory and an artisan workshop. Their diffusion (almost 500 all over the world) in addition to seeking for new design models, is changing the way of producing, thinking and innovating.

A new digital artisan is destined to gradual replacement of large-scale, delocalized industrial production with a very high level of customization of the final product. In recent years, the importance of the disciplines of art and design applied to the technology sector has been recognized. Design is now one of the main factors of product innovation and creative skills are considered to be equally important compared to logical, mathematical and design skills.

Educating and guiding children to discover the potential of fablabs is one of the main missions of our workshops. The lessons led by industry experts will take place in specially designated areas ,equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and plotters.

TARGET: Primary and secondary schools (8-10 / 11-13 / 14-18 years of age)

TARGET: Primary and secondary schools (8-10 / 11-13 years of age)


The Digital Music Labs are laboratories dedicated to electronic and digital music culture spread. For children and young people, music is a main form of expression, which goes hand in hand and is closely linked to the word, movement, image. Today, thanks to modern music software, the method of composing electronic music has been considerably simplified, making it possible for everyone to create music using only a computer.

The main missions of our workshops are: to bring children closer to the study of music, to offer theoretical notions on the history of electronic music, to offer children an opportunity to experiment with different ways of making music. The technique and the theory will be derived from direct musical practice: therefore not from an abstract notion, but from a familiarization with the elementary sound structures of electronic music, using modern means and instruments such as synthesizers etc.

The project will end with a production of musical pieces performed during the lessons and a collective performance of the participants.


“A Scuola di Startup” is a coaching path, supported by the experience of mentors and trainers, which encourages and stimulates the proposal of project initiatives of young students. The workshops aim is to provide basic knowledge and advanced skills for the creation and development of innovative companies and digital startups.

In the schools involved, a first contest phase (“call for ideas”) is expected for ideas and business startups. The best ones will be “accelerated” by the team of mentors and experts from Giffoni Innovation Hub, dPixel (venture capital advisor specialized in corporate innovation, acceleration, and startup investment) and auLAB (made in Italy business laboratory) in a complete development path to transform the idea into a concrete entrepreneurial project.

The best ideas will automatically get into the national final of the project scheduled for the Giffoni Film Festival.

TARGET: Upper secondary schools (15-18 years of age)

TARGET: Upper secondary schools (15-18 years of age)


This extremely current training course is particularly suitable for students with technical-scientific training and a strong interest in information technology, software development, web and mobile world. The skills acquired by the participants allow them to achieve an extremely current specialization and offer significant perspectives in various productive realities, particularly, in companies specialized in providing other companies with advanced technological and IT services, typically, software houses.

The workshops will be held by professionals and consultants who, thanks to case studies and simulations, create a strongly corporate approach, sharing their concrete experience with the classroom.

Thanks to the use of equipped laboratories, our mentors will be able to develop the typical dynamics of company work in the classroom, with constant reference to today’s effective operating mechanisms.


Our immediate future will be dominated primarily by AI (in 2030 it will cover every sector of life, from healthcare to entertainment), which already exists in our daily life without an appropriate collective perception, the prerogative is only of professionals in the sector and giants such as IBM, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Giffoni AI is an experimental project created to involve secondary school students, teachers, scientists, researchers and companies in human-machine interaction laboratories, where there is an aggregative creativity. A platform makes it possible to connect easily with the innovative resources that we will have in the near future.

Giffoni Innovation Hub carries out theoretical and practical workshops with industry professionals, companies and startups to bring children closer to machine learning, deep learning and the new frontiers of artificial intelligence.

TARGET: Upper secondary schools (15-18 years of age)

TARGET: Students, teachers and families.


The following activity includes a 2 hours Master Lesson, where students will be able to confront themselves with the main protagonists of innovation, new economy and not only of our millennium.

Gurus, national and international CEOs, startuppers or simple visionaries of our days, will try to get naked and convey their vision on the present and future to the audience in the room, addressing, in dependence to the guest, the most varied issues: AI, Growth Hacking, Social Media, Creative Industries, Big Data among the examples. A full immersion that, through intellectual contamination, will try to draw its own mark on a specific idea and / or topic.

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