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Welcome Giffoni Dream Team, the 7th edition of Next Generation starts

The challenge for dreamers starts with Eni, Deloitte and Sammontana


The 7th edition of Giffoni Next Generation, an event organised by the Giffoni Innovation Hub as a part of Giffoni50Plus, started with an exchange of experiences. It aims to change innovation through a set of activities, workshops and a particular focus on entertainment, Edutainment, not forgetting the social aspect and attention to the environment. The exchange, in which 18 young people under 30 from the Giffoni Dream Team were the protagonists, started with their self-image and their idea of a ‘better future’.

I would say they started with the present,” Luca Tesauro, CEO of the Giffoni Innovation Centre, addressed to the young dreamers, “because the challenge of a change should start with the present. And Giffoni is the right place. An innovative place by its nature, open to the creativity of those who are willing to explore and participate. Just like Claudio Gubitosi did many years ago”.”.

Claudio Gubitosi who also made an improvised speech to the guys of the Dream Team and gave them advice: “Live these days with commitment and also with lightness. With the lightness of those who live a Giffoni experience“.”.

Experience where 18 young innovators will participate in the challenges set by three big names in industry: Eni, which is also the main partner of Giffoni50Plus and offers dreamers to develop smart, multi-channel communications to discuss problems and solutions related to sustainability and decarbonisation; Sammontana, which is involved in the second Dream Team group on sustainability in the world of food; Deloitte, which with the help of the Giffoni Innovation Centre wants dreamers to explore new frontiers of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship that will increasingly go hand in hand with sustainability and brand awareness.

The challenge has started. The goal is 31st July when after 11 days of brainstorming, workshops, laboratories and all-round work the Dreamers will present their projects to the members of the Giffoni Innovation Hub, Luca Tesauro, Orazio Maria Di Martino and Antonino Muro and to the strategic partners of this 7th edition.

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