Media Beats to the Dream Team: memorable stories for a successful communication

A comprehensive overview of storytelling for Dream Team’s young people. The workshop held by communicators Leonardo Valente and Anja Zanetti, respectively CEO and Storyteller at Media Beats, left Hub’s young innovators literally mesmerized. They suggested that creativity is possible only if unlimited. In particular, Zanetti underlined “the importance of creating stories that present projects and brands through a concrete involvement of our audience. The best storytelling is the one that creates a story which can be remembered, with values and emotions”. Astonishment is not necessarily required. At least not exclusively. “Today we all waste our time on social networks without paying too much attention to what we read. There must be something inducing us to stop for a while: something astonishing and thrilling at the same time. A positive message that recalls our brand and tells a story worth remembering”.

Among other things, they advised not to use communication only strategically. Valente said that “companies and agencies too often use communication with the sole purpose of achieving visibility and engagement. They lose sight of the importance of having a master narrative, a much broader story, as if we were to write a year-long book. Such a campaign should then be carried out through advertising, press offices, social networks and so on”. Having a clear narrative is essential, then. “It’s not always easy -concludes Media Beats CEO -because sometimes there are no means to identify the best way to tell our story without ending up being just one fish in the sea of the contents anyone produces on the internet. This is true for journalists, too, who are prompted to spread more and more pieces of news which are likely to remain unread or severely criticized through comments. The secret lies in becoming a narrator and being able to introduce appealing and imaginative elements that convince people to follow you in the long term. You must also be able to distinguish yourself. The online world is a place for short life contents. You can make them memorable only through work”.


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