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You Art is an Eni project that brings you closer to contemporary art through a documentary.

The documentary, directed by Bartleby, aims at showing the relationships between art and classes of young people from seven high schools, from Italy to the United Arab Emirates

What is the message of contemporary art? Does it come to everyone the same way? A thousand questions in a series of discussions on contemporary art. Seven teams of 14 -19 -year –old from four Italian high schools and others from Cyprus, Ghana and the United Arab Emirates, who faced a challenge to the latest thesis through a debate format. The only purpose is to emphasize emotions, reflections, the impression of Contemporary Art, its manner, its colours, its hidden messages sent to young people from different cultures. These are the themes of the Bartleby Film documentary YOUART”, for Eni, written and directed by Gianluca Santoni, and the trailer of which was presented during Next Generation‘s review.

“I sincerely do not believe in the universality of emotions,” explains one of the girls during the discussion. “I don’t think that all people are able to feel emotions in the same way. So how can we perceive the message of a work of art in the same way if we don’t have the same reaction during emotion? ” This one and many other questions are asked by young people from all over the world in the documentary. A little less than 40 minutes which tell about the project through the eyes of children who went through their own experience, displaying their dreams, fears and hopes for the future.

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