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Young people and Dreamers. The 6th edition of Next Generation begins with the work of the Dream Team

The event organized by Giffoni Innovation Hub starts with challenges. To imagine the bank of the future and to explore the possibilities of a more sustainable world thanks to Digital Farming.


Young, cute and busy. This is the profile of 15 dreamers of the DreamTeam, 15 children under 30 who will respond to a series of challenges connected to the latest innovation in this 6th edition of NEXT GENERATION. The review created by Giffoni Innovation Hub, a creative agency inspired and promoted by Giffoni Opportunity, opened its doors by kicking off the work of dreamers.
In fact – explains Luca Tesauro, CEO and co-Founder of Giffoni Innovation Hub – Giffoni is an example of a dream that has come true. And this is the idea that should guide the work of the Dream Team. To make their dreams come true… Practical, real dreams of doing business and making difference in a changing world”.

The world is changing and so the way of banking is


The experts of BPER Banca are well aware of this and it is no coincidence that they are among the partners who involved the young people of the DreamTeam in a particular challenge: to imagine the bank of the future, destination 2030.
It can be assumedLorena De Vita, culture manager of BPER Banca, told the young people of the DreamTeam – that in 2030 banks will no longer be like they are today and that the transactions will be carried out by different subjects and in different ways. Here is the challenge for the banking world. Imagine new economic scenarios for a clientele, the ones that are already emerging in recent years, which will be very different from the current ones”.
In fact, in a few years we have gone from the savings book, or even from the home piggy bank, to a bank available in a smartphone. All this is with more and more innovative services, such as P2P payments, made via app and much more. “From the DreamTeam – continued the De Vita – realities like ours often seek inspiration. Inspiration for a different and much smarter future, in the name of new technologies“.

Technologies are the masters


And this happens in every possible and imaginable area. In fact, one more innovative challenge aimed at business is that of another Bayer partner, under the banner of Digital Farming, in the context in which the land and agricultural production undergo enormous changes. “Innovation is something transversal – commented Orazio Maria Di Martino, co-founder of the COO of Giffoni Innovation Hub – which touches very different fields of daily life, from banking to agriculture, and beyond”. “Daily life – adds Antonino Muro, co-founder and Account Manager of Giffoni Innovation Hub – which will be the inspiration for the work of the DreamTeam. Work that, however, points to the future. Future in which these guys will probably be protagonists of innovation and economy”.

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