NextGen 2018 –Photo gallery of Wednesday 25th and events of Thursday July 26th (Demo) (Demo)

Overview of Wednesday the 25th and the program of Thursday July 26th

“Different experiences, contaminating themselves, are able to enrich your dreams. This is School Factor”: this is how Luca Tesauro inaugurated the presentation of the very ambitious project, created by the creative agency Giffoni Innovation Hub during the School Factor Day. An important day not only for the Hub, but for the whole Giffoni world, capable to intertwine talents of training, institutions and young students of secondary schools in a project that will be spread in over 70 schools all over Italy.

Ties also with Telefono Azzurro thanks to the video “Non Stiamo Zitti” (Let’s keep quiet), produced by Giffoni Innovation Hub and created by Jacopo Gubitosi. A campaign against bully in schools to protects the youth against the prevarications that come with it starting at a young age. To fight this battle, next to Ernesto Caffo, president of Telefono Azzuro, also Lodovica Comello, actress, singer and host of great talent, guest of the Giffoni Film Festival. At last, second and final Round Table “Next Education”: an accurate reflection on new teaching methods.

Caffo, of all relaters, said: “Giffoni and Telefono Azzurro have grown, listening to the youths but we have to understand that the world is changing, it’s each day more digital, so there’s a need to learn and comprehend new languages. With our collaboration with Giffoni Innovation Hub, we are on the right path”. Also Claudio Gubitosi, director of Giffoni Experience, has left his testimony saying: “Youths, always remember the key words: and ‘why not?’ An intuition – he continued – has to be transformed into subject and then in a physical place. As it has been for Giffoni. And for Giffoni Innovation Hub, a bet made six years ago, an investment on innovation. Why invest on innovation’ because complexity is something, absurd, different and useful.”

Here comes the seventh day of the review Next Generation, edition 2018. At 12 o’clock is expected the meeting with the Fondazione Cariplo during which there will be presented the short films AttivAree. The activities of the Dream Team keep on going, always closer to their final objectives with the elaboration of their projects. Working session number 9 and 10 for the youth of the Dream Team, while at 4:00 pm there will be a workshop on “Social innovation leadership” organized by the professors Roberto Parente and Ayman El Tarabishy.

Here the photografic overview of Wednesday July 25th

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